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[space] zygotemusic.cjb.net The Unofficial Zygote Website. The first of what will someday be hundreds of Zygote fansites. This one is actually very well managed and contains a bunch of features unique to the site, including Zygote rumours, quizzes, guitar tabs, and more. Check 'em out....

www.localmusicbuzz.com The home of Localmusicbuzz, the enterprising group of Toronto-based dudes who actually managed to inspire some sort of communication between indie bands in TO and forge the foundation for a unified music scene. Tons of details on the GTA's indie bands here, loads of useful information for bands and fans alike, great site with great spirit.

www.bruzer.com Brüzer is a sportswear company that specializes in wakeboarding gear and cool clothes. Zygote is proud to be endorsed by Brüzer, and they support lots of other quality indie bands, Grindig and The Salads to name a few. Their new website is fantastic, no joke. Swing by and check it out...

www.radiomoi.com The folks at Radiomoi were the first to give Zygote any kind of internet presence, so we link to them out of gratitude. Their site allows you to structure your own customized streaming audio radio-station while you while the hours away at your computer.

www.beefytreats.com The current band of one of Zygote's founding ex-members, Jesse Waldman. These guys are based out of Vancouver B.C. and judging from their website, the Beefytreats experience is a strange one. Check out their site even if you're not in the Vancouver area, there's some funny funny stuff on there.

www.grindig.com If my subconscious psyche would allow me to have a favourite band other than Zygote, this would be it. Grindig's been our contemporaries on the TO music scene for ages, and they put on the best show in town, bar none. High-voltage music delivered with style and confidence. Check 'em out first chance you get.