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space [superfly photo] Name : Josh, President of Super Fly Productions Inc, and Zygote's exclusive graphic designer

Instrument : Pens, Markers, and the occasional mouse & keyboard combo

Birthdate : 13/07/75

Joined up : mid-'96

Artistic Influences : Sam Keith, Marcus Bornfreund, Keith Giffen, COOP

Little-known fact : Josh believes he's responsible for starting the internet rumour that Marylin Manson is actually Kevin from Mr. Belvedere. He's probably deluding himself, though.

Josh has been on board with Zygote since mid-1996, and has evolved through dozens of job titles before coming to settle on his current status as Zygote's Stage Manager, Art Director, Promotions Manager, and (most recently) Webmaster. Regarded by the band as the sixth member, he is responsible for every poster, sticker, flyer, album cover, and every random piece of Zygote artwork produced in the past five years, writes all of the copy for the website and e-mail campaigns, and singlehandedly cranks out The Zygoteer, Zygote's not-quite-regular newsletter.

At gigs he's the guy trying to make sure that things don't spin out of control, and failing that, making sure that if things DO spin out of control, at least they spin out of control with style.

Support crew (whom Josh would be useless without) are currently as follows:

Adam Gertzbein

Better known as Cousin A. Adam is the band's budding Light Man and handles stage/merchandise setup at gigs with Josh.

Bryan Kaplansky

Guitar Tech. Bryan handles everything guitar-related, from strings to cords to amps to axes. If there's a problem, he'll solve it.

Steve Dveris

Drum Tech. Helps out with drum setup and maintenance for both Brian and Shlag, and smokes far too many cigarettes.

Quote : “Wherever you go, there you are."